That Girona is the paradise of cycling is no secret. Professional cyclists spends long periods in the city and tourists from all over the world come in search of good weather and incredible routes. 

The bicycle in Girona is present in all its modalities: cycloturism, gravel and mountain routes, road routes and even electric bicycles.

Cycling: The Greenways of Girona allow us to go from the Pyrenees to the warm Costa Brava with a pedal. The 125-kilometre route is structured in four sections:

The Iron and Coal Route, which goes from Ripoll to Ogassa through Sant Joan de les Abadesses. The route of the Carrilet Olot-Girona that goes from Olot to Girona through the villages of the valleys of the rivers Ter, Brugent and Fluvià. The Carrilet Girona-Sant Feliu de Guíxols route, reaching the sea. The Petit Train route that connects the towns of Palamós and Palafrugell.

Gravel and mountain biking: your off-road bike and you can do great things in the counties of Girona. Put yourselfin natural parks of great beauty, discover mountain villages full of charm or experience sensations of freedom and vertigo with other modalities such as descent.

Road cycling: girona regions are a paradise for lovers of bibicleta and asphalt. Its winding roads hide great routes to explore the territory from the sea to the Pyrenees. 

In the local bike shops you can rent excellent bicycles and get more information.